My consulting services are for individuals, organizations, and governments that want to improve their processes and procedures through technology. The focus during these consults is on digital transformation and digital governance. Clients approach from the different sectors, including education.


Private session

Being an Entrepreneur requires a wide range of skills.

I am happy to help you go through your idea, plan or the whole journey and provide you with the tools and skills that you need to make it as successful and fun as possible. 

Personal Leadership

Private session

Let's go over your IKIGAI and SWOT and make things happen!

IKIGAI: a Japanese concept that means your ‘Reason for Being’.

SWOT: strategic technique used to help a person or organization identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

enter the metaverse

Private session

Learn the fundamentals of the Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT and Cryptocurrencies.

I will help you go through the Metaverse concept and the different parts forming it. In addition to blockchain and it’s impact on businesses and our life. Also, go over crypto trading from creating a wallet, buying, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to creating and flipping NFTs.

Career Development

Private session

Your career is a combination of skills, experience, profile, resume and you express yourself.

You will be able to boost your profile, resume and expand your job search knowledge by learning new techniques and comparing various job search strategies including the traditional and non-traditional job search methods.


I envision a better world for everyone. One of the wonders of humanity is that we’ve created technology that has made the impossible possible. Why not make use of this technology for good? Inherently, technology itself is neither good nor bad, but nor is it neutral. It’s about how we wield it.


Teams I had the pleasure of collaborating with.