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Your journey to entrepreneurship and launching your project

Turn your passion and skills into a successful business and achieve your financial career freedom

Build your
from scratch

Most projects are postponed due to misconceptions, such as that establishing a company requires huge capital or a large number of employees. Follow the steps inside the booklet and you will find the opposite.

Create your own visual identity online

The absence of a visual identity means your absence, as it speaks on your behalf daily and around the clock, describes the commercial activity that you provide, and also helps you to protect yourself legally.

Create a sustainable
selling and marketing system

Many ideas for wonderful and innovative business projects become bad ideas due to the absence of an effective marketing plan and a sustainable sales system that provides the continuity of the company's work

Get to know Coach Jack Jendo

An entrepreneur who loves finding innovative solutions to problems. I started my career in the labor market early, which made me change my view of professional matters and realize that the business world could be more humane and successful.

Over the past ten years, I established my first company in Lebanon, and then in Australia, and recently in the United States of America. Today I manage several digital marketing, business technology and planning projects in the Metaverse world in the Middle East, Australia and the United States.

Although I work in the digital field, I never lose sight of the human side. I would describe my professional approach as human-centered. In other words, my ultimate goal is to help everyone grow with and through the business.

I never stop looking for ways to improve people’s living conditions, that’s why I train people to build successful careers through self-leadership. Last but not least, I am a loving father and an active husband. My family is the driving force behind my dream of leaving the world a better place (if only a little bit) than I found it.

Some opinions from people I enjoyed working with


Derek A. Isaac

Founder of Word Clinic

From our first conversation to launching my own business, Jack and his team held my hand every step of the way. They listened, advised, were patient and delivered. I can’t ask for more. Above all, they are professionals to the extreme. I highly recommend placing your trust in Jack and his team and I guarantee you will get the results you want


Allen Zakka

Founder of Net2work

I met Jack one year ago. When I first asked him for help, Jack was able to quickly provide me with a number of creative and actionable ideas to help make my marketing efforts on digital platforms and website tools more effective. Jack is a friendly and honest businessman, he is professional and always makes himself available when someone needs to talk to him


Hassan Hamoui

Founder of Qualitas

It’s a great opportunity for us to work with such an intelligent and professional team as Jack and his team. I recommend every company seeking to establish its business and increase its productivity to work with this team


Laura Noureddine

Senior Business Consultant

It was one of the best online tutorials I’ve ever had. It really helped me find my weaknesses and work on them and strengthen my abilities.

This course is the right choice to reach the level of self-driving


Mohammed Al-Husseini

Insurance advisor of Lia Assurex

The more you want to develop your business in less time, expenses, and better results; Jack is the one needed.

In addition, you will also win a special friend.


George Younan

Founder of Cloud Ascent

Jack and his team are a huge part of my company’s growth and exposure. Their beautiful designs and collaboration with their skilled team help me reach bigger audience day by day.
I recommend everyone who seeks to achieve success in work to work with him!

You are one step away from starting your entrepreneurial journey

By following the steps inside the booklet and with some commitment, you can define an idea for your own project,

Build your company and connect with your audience through your online identity.

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