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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always tried to make a difference in the lives of my family, friends, and community. Positive change was always a genuine goal of mine in everything I did, from my scout’s missions to my youth and daily activities. Of course, you may be thinking, that making positive changes is usually not a young person’s focus. However, there is something about leaving the world better than I found it that inspires me to do so.
We are dealing with crises in our country that are severely affecting human rights and affecting people’s basic needs. We are desperately in need of change, and I knew I had to do something to preserve human dignity and self-worth. That’s why I decided to join the parliament and make this change happen.

I see a country that values citizenship and respects human rights. I have worked
with organizations that work hard to make the world a better place through
projects that promote diversity and mental health, empower women, youth, and
minorities, and support the elderly. I see them being part of the decision-making

in our country and using their knowledge and experience to make changes on a
bigger level. I want to be their voice and the voice of our youth, women,
entrepreneurs, minorities, and all vulnerable people, in the parliament.

My mission is to put my skills, my experiences, and the values and principles that I
apply in my daily life and my businesses with my teams, into practice in the

My strongest skills are my communication skills, and my ability to find a common
ground with anyone even if we don’t share the same views, in addition to my
critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and conflict management skills which are
vital during this time.
My technology skills along with my passion for the digital field have also helped
me find digital solutions to any problem.

My main focus is setting clear political strategies and creating a healthy
environment, to achieve better human rights status, a better economy, and
advanced digital transformation that improves our daily lives.
The goal is always you, the people, and making your lives easier and it won’t
change when we reach the parliament. We will have webinars at least once a
month where I will voice your concerns and needs in the parliament.

This is actually a valid question and you have the right to ask. It is a challenge and
I know it won’t an easy journey. However, I am already deeply involved in the
fields of human rights, economic empowerment, and digital transformation and I
will be bringing them to the parliament. Also, our country needs to have a face of
diversity. We need to stop choosing people based on their religion, their status,
and sects and focus on those that have the skills and mindset to run a country.

Do you vote in Beirut 1 (Ashrafieh, Al Rmail, Al Medawar, Al Saifi)? Are you in the
diaspora? (you go to this place) Vote Beirut Madinati.
If you vote elsewhere, you contribute, volunteer and help share the message by
joining this Whatsapp group:

And since I am a coach, you will receive a certificate in the field you work in.

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