Beat Fear for Success

Comfort is the enemy of progress.

Beat Fear for Success

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” The concept of “comfort zone” goes back to a classic experiment in psychology conducted in 1908 by two psychologists. Comfort zone is a safe place where each person finds peace of mind and safety and doesn’t risk anything at all. In this place, everything is under our control, but that’s where every human being will become lifeless and will face lack of courage.


Comfort Kills Progress


During your lives, you will be facing many situations that need courage. It’s difficult to confront them from your comfort zone, so you should step out of there, it’s the only way to learn.

Many people are struggling to escape their safe zones, but it’s not as complicated as they think. Small steps and balance are enough to get outside this place and not end up in the panic zone.

Think of the things that make you feel uncomfortable, shy and nervous and practice all of them to get rid of these feelings.


Being Uncomfortable is the Beginning of your Growth Zone.


Go out and explore new things. You should feel a certain degree of anxiety in your life. The stress will increase a little bit, but later on it will help you become a better version of yourself.

By avoiding your safe place, you will be doing for yourself many favors:

Increasing your productivity. Life won’t wait for you, so go ahead and live new experiences, it’s part of growing and learning.

Preparing yourself for difficult times. If you’re not adapted to changes, life will destroy you. Your happy place won’t protect you from your future problems, you have to handle and solve them alone.

Building a stronger self-confidence. Overcoming obstacles and dealing with situations that scared you before will let you gain many skills. You will find out that you are much stronger that you used to think.


The Key to an Exciting Life


The truth is, you have more power than you think in circumstances outside your comfort zone, so never avoid any situation.

Expand your network, talk in public and with strangers, and meet new people…

Speak at conferences. During the first time you will be scared, but later on you will be more comfortable and you will get used to this kind of activities. Plus, you will be learning from your experiences and you will improve your personality.

Learn how to respond. Confront anyone that isn’t respecting you. Don’t be scared of problems and conflicts, you have the power to face all of them. Your problem will never go away until you deal with it.

Talk to new people and expend your professional network. Choose a topic you know about and start the conversation; it will be much easier.


That’s how you will give yourself the opportunity to grow and learn; by getting out of the prison you’re living in. Focus on yourself, breath, and relax. That’s the key to an exciting and successful life.

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